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In response to the new GDPR regulations that come into effect 25 May 2018 we are writing to all customers (CONTROLLERS) to give you assurance that in line with our GDPR policy we treat data security as a serious matter and confirm that all information supplied by your company is held securely and processed as and when necessary.

ICT Wholesale Express Limited is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Certificate available on request.

Data Security

Your company information is held on a secure server.  The information can be accessed by office staff employed by ICT Wholesale Express International Limited, and by *Coda Commerce who run our operating system. The programs are all password protected.


Information Held 

Any data we hold about our customers does not include any special type of information or location-based information, we hold business name, address, email, phone number of Customers. 

How will your personal information will be used?   We will use the information to help identify you and your account with us, to invoice you and allocate payments, and to contact you regarding future business or any current deliveries we are completing for you.


ICT Wholesale Express will assist you, the Data Controller in meeting GDPR obligation to the security of processing.


  • ICT Wholesale Express is committed to notify you of any data breaches.
  • ICT Wholesale Express will hold the data as necessary to comply with the set of laws that apply to the business as set out by the relevant Customs authorities.
  • ICT Wholesale Express only acts on the written instructions (via manifest or email or data transfer) from customers and use that data to accomplish delivery of goods including UK and destination customs. No data received is used for marketing purposes.
  • ICT Wholesale Express understands the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data it processes. Delivery data will be used for HMRC and Customs South Africa (and other worldwide) customs and delivery agents as required to process export/import/delivery.  The information is retained in line with HMRC (and overseas customs agencies as applicable) requirements and destroyed when no longer required per guidelines. Delivery data is held securely and processed as required.
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