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Prohibited Items


What are dangerous goods?

Many items which might appear to be harmless in everyday use can pose dangers wherever they are carried on an aircraft and are consequently forbidden for carriage by passengers either in the cabin or in their checked baggage. 

Examples of forbidden items include:

Explosives fireworks, flares, party poppers, toy caps
Gases mace, camping gas, culinary glazing torches
Flammable Liquids machines with petrol fuelled engines (including those which have been drained), petrol, lighter fluid
Flammable Solids non-safety matches, Lithium Ion batteries (cell phones, laptops)
Oxidisers bleach
Poisons pesticides
Corrosives car batteries, mercury


Prohibited Customs Items

• Narcotics and other controlled substances
• Pornography
• Weaponry, explosives and fireworks etc.
• Poisonous chemical and biological substances and other health endangering substances
• Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2 kilogram per 1000 units
• Counterfeit goods
• Goods breaking copyrights laws
• Prison-made and penitentiary-made goods


• Local currency of over ZAR10 000,- gold coins, coin and stamp collections and unprocessed gold need to be declared.
• Endangered species of plants or wildlife, whether alive or dead, including any parts of and articles made from them will need permit from CITES.
• Plants and products thereof (honey, margarine and vegetable oils, seeds etc.)
• Animals and products thereof (dairy products, butter, eggs)
Medicines for personal use need to be accompanied by the prescription and a note from your Doctor.


Banned goods:

The following goods are banned completely regardless of which country you're travelling from or having goods sent from.

  • illicit drugs
  • flick and gravity knives
  • self defence sprays such as pepper and CS gas sprays
  • stun guns
  • indecent and obscene material
  • counterfeit, pirated and patent-infringing goods

Stopping imports of illegal weapons

The following are also banned but in certain cases may be brought into the UK if you have the relevant licence, permit or defence:

  • firearms, explosives and ammunition
  • realistic imitation firearms
  • offensive weapons including swords with a curved blade exceeding 50cms in length
  • live animals
  • endangered animals or plants - see section below 'souvenirs made from endangered species'
  • certain fur skins and articles made from fur skin
  • certain radio transmitters
  • rough diamonds

The following are also banned but in certain cases may be brought into the UK if they are not for commercial use:

  • fur skin of harp and hooded seals pups and products made from such fur
  • cat and dog fur and products made from such fur
  • finished goods of certain fur skins covered for personal and private use
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